Bending Machine

Press brake bending is an advanced technology that enables precise shaping of metal strips.

Bending machine is the process of bending metal strips with the help of a specially designed machine. The strip is placed on a matrix controlled by the machine and then the twisting process is carried out. This method enables the bending of various metals, and is especially effective on hard and durable metals such as steel, aluminum and copper.

Press brake bending has many advantages. First, the twisting process produces extremely precise and accurate results. Thanks to machine control, metal strips can be bent to the desired shape and size with precision. This provides a great advantage, especially in applications that require the assembly and fit of metal parts.

Another advantage of press brake bending is that it is an efficient process. The machine operates at high speed and automatically, which speeds up production processes. At the same time, press brake bending minimizes material loss and does not cause waste, thus reducing costs.

Bending machine has a wide usage area. In the construction industry, press brake bending is used for the production of various structural components. Steel frames, door and window frames, metal structural elements and other construction materials are shaped by press brake bending. Likewise, press brake bending is frequently used in the automotive industry. Many components such as vehicle bodies, door panels, and chassis parts are produced by press brake bending.

Press brake bending is also used in many areas such as the white goods industry, electronics industry and furniture production. Precision shaping of metal strips improves production processes in these sectors and provides design freedom.

Press brake bending is a technology that enables precise shaping of metal strips. Precision, efficiency, compatibility and wide usage areas make press brake bending a preferred method in many sectors. When metal strips need to be bent or shaped, press brake bending provides effective and reliable results.