Galvanized Profiles

Galvanization, especially this process against rust, is carried out to extend the life of metals that will be used outside in all weather conditions. If chromate is coated on galvanized metal, the life of the metal is extended. The iron material must be designed during the construction phase to be suitable for galvanization. In other words, galvanized profiles are long-lasting and are used more than anti-rust profiles.

Galvanized profiles are produced from galvanized sheet metal. In addition, black profiles can also be produced by post-dipping method. However, galvanized profiles produced in this way do not last long. Therefore, products made of galvanized sheet metal or hot dipped should be chosen. The quality of the galvanized profiles produced is DX51 quality.

Galvanized profiles are used in many construction projects, exterior cladding, machine construction, many interior spaces for decoration, wet surfaces such as pools and jacuzzis, and steel construction steel roofs etc. It is widely used in structures such as iron joinery, and most importantly in greenhouse installations in agriculture and farming. Galvanized profiles are made by applying the galvanizing method to standard profiles. Before answering the question of what galvanized pipe means, it is necessary to know what the galvanization process is. The purpose of the galvanizing process is to prevent further rusting. The most common method for galvanizing is hot dip galvanizing, which is done by dipping the profiles into a zinc bath. Galvanized profile has similar qualities to standard profile products, but being galvanized offers many different advantages. In addition to the standard versions of oval profile and square profile products, galvanized versions are available. These galvanized profile products are used where resistance and durability are mandatory. Among these profile dimensions, there are various dimensions that you can find solutions to suit your needs.

Galvanized Profiles at Deha Group

Galvanized profiles can be of various sizes and sizes. Deha Metal can help you find the galvanized profile product that best suits your needs. Galvanized profiles are mostly used in construction companies for their resistance and durability. Galvanized profile weights may vary depending on the design of the product you choose. Deha Metal offers galvanized pipes to people with products that stand out with their qualities and activity structure. Deha Metal, one of the galvanized pipe companies, offers personalized galvanized pipe sizes. Deha Metal, which stands out with its galvanized pipes quality, also attracts attention with its galvanized pipe types. Deha Metal can produce galvanized profiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. It tries to provide fast and reliable product supply to its buyers. For sizes that are not in stock, planning is made to comply with the delivery time. The company, which is among the galvanized profile manufacturers, finds professional solutions for people. These are offered individually with the dimensions of the galvanized pipes and the weight of the galvanized pipes.

Box profiles are raw or anti-rust products. Apart from this, box profiles manufactured from welded galvanized sheet metal are also produced. Unlike those in the galvanized dipping system, galvanized profiles are manufactured directly from galvanized sheet metal.

Usage areas

Galvanized profiles are products that are frequently used in the machinery production and construction industries. The fact that these products do not slip on wet surfaces and are resistant to moisture is a great advantage in terms of the requirements in the construction industry. However, the use of galvanized profiles is very common in the agricultural industry.

– In the construction section, galvanized profiles are used where extra durability is required for the exterior.

– Galvanized profiles are chosen in areas where moisture resistance is required.

– Since it is a product that can adjust itself as hot and cold, galvanized profiles can be used in machine construction.

– Galvanized products are among many products that can be used for decorative purposes thanks to their durable structure.