Special Shaped Profiles

Special shaped profiles are the application of basic sections transformed into various shapes in a way different from standard profiles. Services are provided for suitable special shaped profile. It is one of the basic requirements of industries where there is a need for specially shaped profiles . Specially shaped profiles used in residential or commercial construction sectors have an important place

Deha Metal Difference in Special Shaped Profile Products

Companies use various opportunities to reduce production costs when manufacturing products. For this reason, companies that produce a low-cost but high-quality product gain an advantage when competing.

The company, which is ready to provide a low-cost but high-quality manufacturing response for users, sensitively offers the metal difference in special profile alternatives and scalene profile products to the service of users.

• Specially shaped profile products are prepared to be suitable for long-term use for all projects, small or large.

• With its high quality and reliable service philosophy, the company tries to provide the most appropriate service to its customers.

• Special-shaped steel profile manufacturing is based on the quality control center, and care is taken to ensure that every product produced is of high quality.

• Thanks to the application of an affordable price policy for specially shaped profile products, the best price options are offered to users.

• It is possible to supply specially shaped profiles for all projects, large or small.

Special Shaped Profiles

Special shaped profiles are produced using advanced roll forming systems. The products are used extensively in the construction industry, automotive industry and transportation industry. Since special shaped profiles are products produced according to requirements, their usage areas may vary. Serving as a special-shaped profile manufacturing plant, the company ensures long-term use of all its products.

From simple specially shaped profiles to complex stainless steel entire products, we ensure that every customer has high quality but economically created products of appropriate shape.

All works and processes such as roll forming, pressing, stamping, welding, bending and cutting are carried out through advanced production facilities.

Profiles are created keeping users’ needs in mind. In this way, the most effective solutions are offered to customers for all their problems related to design and production. Answers to all these problems are sought by manufacturing various specially shaped profiles.

What are its areas of use?

Special shaped profiles are generally used in the furniture industry. These shaped profiles are widely used to give an additional shape to certain products. Specially shaped profiles help to obtain the structures in the desired shape.

• Automotive industry and defense technology are among the areas where special shaped profiles are frequently used.

Special shaped profiles are used to implement and support special designs in engineering-architecture projects. In the furniture industry, specially shaped profiles are used to shape products. In the iron and steel industry, specially shaped profiles are used to manufacture non-standard products. The use of specially shaped profiles is quite common in creating huge structures such as bridges.

After specially shaped profiles are manufactured, they are used in various areas for use in companies providing services on an individual or corporate basis. While in some areas it is used as a full product for the main product, in some areas it is used as an auxiliary product or to perform various activities such as pressing, coloring, shaping or twisting.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, what individuals or companies in need of specially shaped profiles need to do is to provide the company with the required size, weight, weight and length or measurements of the area to be used in line with their needs via WhatsApp communication lines or e-mail addresses, and then the manufacturing phase will begin. During the manufacturing phase, suppliers can receive the information they want about the transactions 24 hours a day.