Oval Profiles

Looking at the definition, it can be seen that they are made as hollow structural steel products. Oval profiles can be used in mechanical applications and construction. They are generally known to be versatile and this is the biggest advantage that makes them preferred. Oval profile dimensions and oval profile weights vary. There is a suitable size for every usage area.

Stainless steel and galvanized materials can be used in its production. Quality control is carried out at every stage of production and is generally suitable for long-term use. It is mostly used in the decoration and household goods industry.

What are the Flat Oval Profile Connection Types?

EZ flange connection with barrel clamp: A type that can be assembled at the factory or shipped loose to the customer for field assembly. One set consists of two EZ flanges and one barrel clamp. For field installation, the installer connects the EZ flange to the pipe and fittings. The two flanges are then joined and the barrel is attached. What needs to be taken into consideration here is the fixing of flanges at both ends of the spiral pipe and fittings.

Standard oval profile connection: They are used in profile-to-profile connections. The union is made using a sliding joint inside the pipe sections. A stop bead is located in the middle to ensure centering in the connection.

What are the benefits of the Oval Profile as stated by Deha Metal?

Oval profiles have many usage advantages, unlike the standard circular profile. When the oval profile shape is used on the preferred axis, there is less chance of deformation or bending as it is stronger than the round profile. It is also more compact and the profile takes up less storage space. Thanks to this feature, it creates a better option for places with limited space.

In addition, since the shape of oval profiles is more aerodynamic, they are also seen as an ideal option for pipes that release gas. When we look at the other benefits of oval profiles, it is noticed that they reduce costs and are aesthetic.

Cost Savings: With increased strength, the oval profile is able to handle lighter gauges. This means a reduction in expenses for the business where it is used. In addition, the flat side of the oval profile eliminates the need for wall straightening when welding. Joining these sections directly with the flat side reduces the manufacturing cost.

Aesthetics: The shape of oval profiles provides a more useful appearance for modern styles.

What are the Usage Areas of Oval Profile?

Since oval profiles have versatile uses, they can be used in many places. Examples of these include homes, shopping malls, offices, hotels, airports and other public areas. Additionally, oval profiles can be used both internally and externally for several products. These products can be listed as handrails, wall and grab rails, chair and other household items, columns and posts, doorknobs, handles and street signs.

How is Oval Profile Price Calculated in Deha Metal?

There are many variables taken into consideration when calculating oval profile prices. These variables can be listed as follows:

1-Type of material used in production

2-Quality of the material used in production

3-Amount of materials used in production

4-Oval profile dimensions requested by the customer

Oval profile price calculation is carried out by taking these variables into consideration. Prices, which vary from need to need and according to the order, also have a wide range of oval profile dimensions. It should be noted that a clear answer cannot be given without speaking to the company from which the oval profile will be ordered. However, there are websites where oval profile prices can be compared. In addition to these sites, price information can be obtained by contacting these companies through the websites of different companies. The most effective way to obtain price information is to get price information from the company.