Profile Cutting

Creating steel parts in a certain way is called profile cutting. Profile cutting applications are generally carried out on benches with support from machines that can be considered suitable for the products. The types of machines may vary as there may be many different types of metal with different types and thicknesses. For this reason, it will not be possible for all cutting stages and cutting types to have the same appearance and be done in the same way. Cutting operations are carried out specifically for the desired categories.

What Kind of Preparations Are Made for Steel Profile Cutting at Deha Metal Company?

Before cutting, steels should be cut into pieces close to the size of the piece to be cut. It is ensured that no residue is left on the steel for the precise cutting required in profile cutting. Steel profile cuts provide you with advantageous situations to reduce production times.


What is Oxy Profile Cutting?

Cutting machines such as oxy, laser and plasma are a type of cutting used for steel profile cutting. Different types emerge in the profile cutting of the machines. When two-dimensional profile cutting is done from steel material, you can benefit from the oxy steel profile cutting production method. Oxy steel profile cutting is an ideal steel profile cutting method for steel materials with a maximum thickness of 300 millimeters and for situations where heat does not cause concern and provides full protection.

What is Plasma Profile Cutting?

You can also benefit from the plasma profile cutting process when carbon metals and stainless steel profiles are to be cut . This method, which is compatible with various metal thicknesses or different metal classes, provides less heat. Since an electrically charged pressurized gas process is used, distortions do not occur and the error level is minimized. Profile cutting processes have different advantages. When making this choice, it is recommended that you act in accordance with your budget and needs. You can easily find the answer to your wishes with Deha Metal. In this way, you can benefit more from the transactions.

Steel Profile Prices

Steel profile is generally preferred in developed countries and some countries in the earthquake zone. Since these profiles are easily shaped, architectural projects can be realized in accordance with different designs and required strength values. At Deha Metal, the processes applied to the profile stand out in the pricing phase.

It may vary depending on the various processes applied. Steel structure profiles provide an advantage of up to 40% kg compared to other types of heavy steel structures. In addition, it reduces the weight of the materials used and also reduces the costs to military levels. For this reason, it is frequently preferred by users.