Bending Machine

With our 8 Axis Full Cnc Press Brake Machine with 240 Ton Power, sheet metal bending process is performed up to 10 mm thickness and 4100 mm length.

Pipe-Profile Laser Machine

Our Pipe-Profile laser line has a power of 6 KW and can laser cut Pipe, Profile and Long rolling products up to 6500 mm length, minimum 8 mm maximum 350 mm diameter up to 12.00 mm thickness. With our Pipe-Profile Bending Machine, bending works up to 100 mm diameter are performed.

Laser Machine

We have 2 machines, 22 KW and 6 KW, in sheet metal laser processes. Our 22 KW machine is 2500*6500 in size and can cut up to 60.00 mm thickness. Our 6 KW machine is 1500*3000 in size and can cut up to 22.00 mm thickness.

Angle Strip Saw Machine

Our fully automatic electronic straight and angle band saw has a cutting capacity of 400 x 400 mm and a motor power of 4 kW. It o_ers high precision, easy operation, fast and e_cient cutting and safe operation with variable cutting speed between 20-120 m/min, electronic speed control, -45°/+60° miter angle, hydraulic clamp, cooling system, fast approach and return functions and digital display.

Hydraulic Guillotine Angle Shear

With a table length of 3100 mm and a cutting thickness of up to 13 mm, this angle shear hydraulic guillotine machine is the ideal solution for cutting sheet metal with precision and speed. With its hydraulic power system, it o_ers high capacity and easy operation, while its adjustable cutting angle and precise cutting process allows us to achieve excellent results in metal cutting operations.

Welded Manufacturing

We can make welded or twisted manufacturing with our Professional expert staff. The main applications of our expert staff are Roof Space Systems, Roof Manufacturing, Steel Construction, Iron Stairs, Iron Railing, Machinery Equipment and Machinery spare parts etc. We manufacture the products in our facility or in the assembly area.