Roll Slitting Cutting

It is possible to design roll slitting cutting processes according to the weight, width, diameter, or material quality desired by the users. In particular, the process of making circular movements at regular intervals by opening the sheet metal product in roll form, which has certain widths, and wrapping it into narrower bands, especially regarding the cutting roll slitting processes, is called Roll Slitting Cutting .

Roll holding turnstiles generally ensure the transmission of the roll on the near side of the line section and reduce the loading time of the roll.

It is ensured that the vehicles related to the roll loading operations on the ground are taken from the waiting channel or by means of a crane and quickly transferred to the uncoiler rollers.

Unrolling Applications

Uncoiler products enable the end of the product to be fed at a certain evaluation stage of the roll. The upper pressure rollers rotating with motor power prevent the hair product from opening uncontrollably.

Deha iron&steel company produces materials in the quality and dimensions requested by its customers and creates them in the most precise way in the requested dimensions through its staff who are experts in sheets at affordable prices.

During the roll slice cutting processes, checks are carried out by an expert team at periodic intervals. Immediately after the inspection and division processes, final checks are made, and meetings are held regarding the roll slitting and cutting processes, which transition to the warehouse packaging process with the strapping method, and storage facilities related to shipment are maintained and labeled. In this way, the rolled sheets will be ready to be shipped to the users. The products obtained by slitting the roll are generally used in many different areas in decoration, automotive, furniture, electronic goods and electrical companies.

It is generally possible to cut the products passing through the steel slicing parts into the desired sizes, weights and dimensions. These roll sheets are products that are easy to transport and are packaged to be resistant to scratches and sent to users and customers.

Satisfying Deha Group Customers’ Curiosities

Users can exchange information through communication channels if they have any questions or concerns about roll slitting and cutting processes.

Communication and Supply Procedures

What individual or corporate customers need to do in order to have requests and requests regarding their transactions or to place orders is to contact us through the established e-mail addresses or websites or through communication channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and submit all their wishes, requests, complaints and requests. They can submit their orders.