Expanded Sheets

The development of technology has caused traditional methods to change in all sectors. Things are no longer difficult and troublesome as they used to be, and now everything has become more practical. This situation benefited the construction industry the most. Works that used to require effort and long time have become much easier with the influence of the developing industry. The materials used have become more durable and affordable. Expanded sheet , one of those materials , is one of the most used materials by construction companies. These sheets, made of stainless material, are preferred because they are light, durable and have a long service life. It has a very wide usage area.


Expanded sheets are one of the favorite materials of construction companies due to the wonderful features they offer. One of its biggest advantages is that it has a wide usage area and can be produced from different materials depending on the region to be used. For example, this product can be used in suspended ceilings, as well as in floors, coverings, ventilation and decoration areas. The reason why this product is widely preferred is that it has high strength and can be produced from different materials depending on the surface to be used. Since suspended ceilings must be light, they can be made of aluminum, and the floor or walking platforms can be made of steel. It is also frequently used as a decoration material because it can be produced in different colors. Deha Metal, with its expert team, has made it a mission to deliver products for your every need as soon as possible.

Production Stage

As in every product, the latest trends in technology are used in expanded sheets. Therefore, they are cost-effective, long-lasting and environmentally friendly products. Thanks to the alloys used, they have a very light structure compared to their size. In this way, troublesome issues such as transportation cease to be a torment for companies. Thanks to their flexible structure, they can take certain shapes as needed. Therefore, its usage areas are quite wide. Deha Metal also provides solutions to companies’ biggest problem, transportation, with the light and flexible expanded sheets it produces.

Usage areas

Since it can be produced from different materials according to need, it has a wide range of usage. It is frequently preferred as a ventilation material because it can transmit light and air thanks to its perforated surface. Similarly, it can be used as decoration as it can be designed in different colors during the production phase. It is often used on the exterior surfaces of buildings. Thanks to its robust structure, it offers long life against all kinds of weather conditions. Additionally, thanks to its flexible structure, it can easily extend under certain conditions.

Advantages of Expanded Sheets Produced by Deha Metal

The biggest reasons for choosing expanded sheets are; They are lightweight, affordable and can be produced according to the required environment. For example, a material to be used for the ceiling may be produced from a light alloy, or the floor or another location that requires durability may be produced from stronger alloys. It is not limited to these areas only, it is frequently used for decoration purposes as it has an eye-catching structure. Since it can be produced in different colors, it can also add elegance to the desired environment.

Conveniences Provided

Unlike traditional materials, expanded sheets provide great convenience to construction companies. Since it can be produced upon request, its usage areas are quite wide. Thanks to their lightweight structure, transportation is no longer a problem for companies. Their robust structure offers a long service life in all kinds of environments. In addition, since they are produced by shaping a single piece of metal, they are stronger than similar products made by welding. Finally, since the production is completely automated and made by advanced devices, there are no human errors.

Why is it so preferred?

There are many reasons why companies prefer expanded sheets so much. First of all, since it is produced with fully automated systems, its costs are low. Naturally, sales prices are very reasonable compared to similar materials. It is very safe in areas of use such as exterior surfaces and garden fences. Because the holes are too small for even feet, fingers or nails to enter. That’s why it’s impossible to climb. That’s why it is frequently preferred. You can contact us on this page to find out the price of expanded sheet metal for your needs.