Special Size Production

Steel is a very useful material due to its structure. Profiles contain many types of steel. However, profiles vary depending on their usage areas. Special production profiles, one of these types, have a slightly different structure compared to standard profiles.

The main feature that makes special production profiles different from standard profiles is; Its basic parts are malleable. Actually, the method applied is this; Various shapes are given to standard profiles and specially produced profiles are obtained.

Usage Areas of Special Production Profiles as Deha Metal

Specially produced profiles are used by many sectors due to their advantages. There is a wide range of usage directions due to the formatting process that can be applied to its basic parts. Specially produced profiles are frequently preferred by the furniture industry. Special size profiles, which are used to shape the products , are produced in many sizes and dimensions depending on the requirements. Apart from the furniture industry, where such specially produced profiles are frequently preferred, there is also the architecture industry.

Special production profiles are used to both obtain a special design and support the special design on architectural projects. In addition, another area of ​​use of special production profiles is the iron and steel industry. Specially produced profiles, obtained by shaping standard profiles, are frequently preferred during the construction of large structures due to their structure. Another group of usage areas is the automotive industry. The use of special production profiles has become very popular in this field.

Deha Metal Difference in Special Production Profiles

As Deha Metal, our products are covered by a long-lasting warranty because we take into account high quality standards in the production of special production profiles. Our productions are carried out with a reliable service policy. As Deha Metal, we support the guarantee of our products in terms of quality and durability.

Specially produced profiles that we design for all projects, no matter how small or large, are presented to your service thanks to their ergonomic price advantages. Advanced roll forming methods are used in the production of special production profiles. We have many qualified products, from special production profiles to steel types. Products are supplied for the needs of every sector.

Our Price Policy as Deha Group

Special production profile prices can be offered in different formats by the factories that manufacture for you. Our pricing policy varies depending on the technical features of our products and your requirements. You can choose Deha Metal to access profiles, which have become a great necessity in many sectors, with high quality, affordable and reliable prices.

As Deha Metal, we carry out special length production and length conditional production for all kinds of iron and steel products . You can contact Deha Metal, which exhibits its work in a time-oriented manner and carries out special productions, via www.dehametal.com and let us know your questions, thoughts, opinions, suggestions or requests.