Dkp Sheets

DKP sheet is a versatile iron and steel product. It is used as a raw material in many parts of our lives, from household items such as refrigerators and washing machines to the automotive industry, office supplies, lighting fixtures and galvanized coating products. However, DKP sheet can be used in many areas such as road and railway materials or construction materials.

It is a flat iron steel product formed as a result of the solidification of hot liquid steel, called the plate method. The resulting semi-finished product is rolled in a hot rolling mill, then offered for sale in roll form or flat plates. Sheet metal products produced in this way are produced in dimensions of 1.50 to 20 mm. However, DKP sheet products are produced between 0.30 and 2 mm.

Deha Dkp Content

Although the wall thickness varies, the only feature that distinguishes the black layer and the DKP layer is the color difference between them. Whether rolling, hot rolling or cold rolling, the resulting products are the same. However, there is a difference in their chemical properties. Thanks to hot rolling, the length of the sheets is extended and the product becomes thinner. In addition, the final product is called sheet and is usually sold in rolls.

The deep drawing function of the suitable DKP layer is the main reason why it is preferred for applications requiring toughness and ductility. Easy shaping and welding resistance have made DKP sheets products one of the important parts of the white goods industry. Products suitable for enamel coating are mostly used in kitchen utensils. Apart from these, this product is widely used in shipbuilding, elevator construction, chemical and food industries.

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General Application Areas

Deep drawing grades suitable for cold forming are used in the automotive industry, in the durable household appliance industry, in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, radiators and ventilation equipment, where resistance, durability and ductility are desired. At the same time, qualities adapted to the extra deep drawing process, distinguished by their resistance to aging, superior formability and good weldability, are used in the automotive and white goods industries. , in applications that aim to meet certain expectations.

In the automotive industry and sub-industry, high-strength, low-alloy steel grades produced by low carbon and micro-alloying method, which combine advanced welding properties and good shaping, are used. In addition, steels with deep drawing properties suitable for coating enamel used with single or double firing, such as kitchen utensils, pots, oven grills etc.


The main stamping function of DKP sheets suitable for applications requiring toughness and ductility is the main reason why they are preferred. The easy forming and welding function of DKP sheet metal sheets have made these DKP sheet products one of the indispensable parts in the white goods industry.

Since the DKP layer is suitable for enamel coating, it is generally used in kitchenware. Apart from these, this product is widely and continuously used in shipbuilding, elevator construction, chemicals and food industries.

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High Performance with Deha Metal

We offer high strength micro alloy steel grades for the automotive industry with excellent performance in cold bending and forming applications, deep drawn steel grades and resulting in applications requiring high strength.

Wheel and chassis steels are included in our product portfolio to be used in the production of wheel and chassis parts that require both high strength and superior formability, which are the main input of the automobile.