Rectangular Profiles

Today, it is used by many different companies in many sectors. One of these sectors is the construction and construction sector. Thanks to the products produced and marketed in the construction and construction industry, many conveniences are created in our lives. Profiles are one of the products produced and offered for sale by companies that produce and sell building materials and operate in the construction industry. Deha Metal, which offers these profiles with its experience and expert staff, is one of the leading companies in the sector. The most demanded of these profiles are box profiles called rectangular profiles.

What is a Rectangular Profile?

These rectangular profiles are called box profiles. The rectangular profile type you encounter especially in Deha Metal , which operates in the iron and steel industry , is a material used for many purposes. These profiles, which are indispensable for the constructions or Deha Metal company, are 6 meters as standard. These profiles, which are a building material, benefit from technology during the production phase and are created to be produced in the best quality. There may be individuals or companies that want to supply profiles other than standard sizes.
Based on this, 12-meter profiles can be created according to the desired demand. The reason why the rectangular profile is called box profile is that it is box-shaped and its inside is empty. These box profiles appear as products that have an important place in the sector. These profiles, produced by Deha Metal, which has shown expertise in its field, are offered to you according to your needs. Box profiles are produced by cutting and cold rolling.

What are the Usage Areas of Rectangular Profiles?

If we explain the usage areas of rectangular profiles passed through cold rolling rollers;

– The most important area of ​​use; is the construction industry.

– It is used in roof systems.

– It occurs in the automotive industry.

– The white goods industry is one of the areas of use.

– Sub-industry is also one of the usage areas of rectangular profiles..

Deha Metal can produce these products as special length and special cut profiles according to your requests.

Advantages of rectangular profiles

These box profiles have many advantages. If we explain these advantages;

– One of the most important features of rectangular profiles is their durability.

– These profiles are long-lasting.

– It can be shaped according to the requested dimensions.

The thickness known as wall thickness in such profiles varies between 0.70 millimeters and 8.00 millimeters. It would be more appropriate to decide this value according to the area to be used.

Rectangular Profile Prices

It would be to your benefit to contact Deha Metal to find out the price of a rectangular profile. Deha Metal, a pioneer and experienced company in its business, will give the most appropriate value to these profiles, which can be created in line with your request. Rectangular profile prices vary depending on the wall thickness of the profile, the requested size and the weight of the product. For such reasons, since prices will vary during the production phase, it will be to your benefit to get a price quote from Deha Metal company.

General Features of Rectangular Profile

Box profiles, one of the most preferred products in the construction and construction industry, are one of the best products in terms of industry. Thanks to these profiles, which have alternative application areas, it would be a good move to forget about the questions of strength and durability. If we explain the general functional features of rectangular profiles;

– Since its application and transportation factors are quite easy, it falls into the category of the most functional industrial material.

– It appears as a product with a wide range of uses.

– These products, which have an ergonomic use, have a structure that can be used easily in laboratories, factories, and production facilities that make a certain production.

– It is one of the materials with the highest product efficiency. It provides many conveniences both functionally and functionally.

– It has the ability to be prepared in accordance with the area to be applied. It appears as a product that can be easily optimized according to the areas or areas where it will be applied