Roll Sheet Cutting

Metal products in sheet form are called sheet metal. These sheets, which are industrially processed into rolls, are generally used in rolls in many different industrial areas. As Deha Metal, we continue our customer-specific sheet metal cutting activities related to coil sheet cutting processes. Work has been initiated in line with the experiences gained in the sector over the years, and priority is given to completing the activities in the most reliable and fastest way.

In order to provide solutions to the roll sheet cutting needs, it operates with new generation technologies and a professional team that is expert in its field, using special equipment related to competence. Transactions are carried out in a time-oriented manner.

In order to make the sheets, also called copper plates, usable, roll sheet cutting techniques must be applied professionally.

Transparency Principle Applications

Since there is no or almost zero deformation in the materials used by Deha Metal, it can be said that all work is carried out in a completely reliable and transparent environment for the users. Efforts are made to eliminate materials and other related problems by minimizing them and to ensure that the materials have a smoother and better appearance.

Since rolled sheet processes generally provide an aesthetic appearance, they are widely used in lighting systems, white goods industry and construction companies. These products, which have many different types and areas of use, are becoming available to customers in the most reliable and fastest way. The products or other products requested or requested by customers are produced with the latest technological equipment and adapted to the latest technology. In general, the company is a leading company that attaches importance to customer satisfaction and continues all its activities in this perspective.

Delivery in a Short Time

The company attaches great importance to the delivery time of the products or other products and carries out various activities in general by focusing on customer satisfaction and guaranteeing the delivery of products on time.

To contact Deha Group in order to benefit from order-based learning services by purchasing or providing various measurements, shapes, bending, twisting, etc. related to roll sheet cutting processes or other products of different types and to provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need to contact the customer service representative who provides the service.