Pipe Cutting

By offering its services in many sectors, it increases customer satisfaction with faster, more reliable and higher quality services in every field such as iron, steel and pipe. Continuing its operations on a very wide scale, Deha Metal also provides its services at home and abroad. Deha Metal, which is preferred because it is suitable for everyone, offers services with both economical and quality products. Providing services in many areas in the sector, the company is also number one in all kinds of pipe cutting work.

It is also very important that these pipes, which are used in every field and in every sector, are durable, resistant to all impacts, and that the cleaning and maintenance of the pipes are easy. It is especially important that the pipes are durable, resistant and rust-free. The most preferred ones today are those that are brighter and more aesthetically pleasing in terms of decoration. Pipes with different properties also differ from each other in terms of their properties. General features of pipes are as follows:

1) It is durable

2) It is stainless

3) It is bright

4) Being resistant to all kinds of impacts

5) It also looks beautiful in decorative terms

6) Easy to clean

At the same time, it is very important that these pipes, which are needed most, can be easily cleaned. And it is also very important to make the pipes usable by users. After the cutting process, the pipes are left to cool for a while. After the cooling process, the stains are cleaned with acid. It is then ready for use. There are many types of pipes depending on their usage areas. These are water pipes, industrial pipes. They are iron pipes and natural gas pipes. Let’s explain these according to their usage areas.

1) WATER PIPES: Water pipes are generally used in the industrial sector, manufacturing sector and construction sector. Water pipes are used in many areas, especially in areas where there is plumbing. It is also used in heating systems, the construction industry and especially in the field of white goods.

2) IRON PIPES: These pipes, which are mostly used in the industrial field, are also known as steel pipes because they are very durable. Since it is steel, it is stainless and unbreakable. These are also widely used in the construction industry.

3) INDUSTRIAL PIPES: Industrial pipes are mostly used in the industrial sector. Production is made according to the area. It is used in the manufacturing sector, ships, air conditioning systems and the energy sector.

4) NATURAL GAS PIPES: These pipes are not only used in the natural gas sector. It is also used in PVC, copper and steel. Since natural gas pipes are durable, they are used in many areas. It is especially used in the mining industry, oil industry and underground.

All the pipes listed are carefully produced with the privilege of Deha Group.