Painted Profiles

Profiles are pipes produced in the form of special rods made of hollow metal used in almost every sector. Profiles can have different shapes. It is possible to produce box-shaped, oval, pipe or ellipse shapes. In addition, profile design and production with special shapes other than these shapes are also carefully carried out by Deha Metal. In the process of standard production of profiles, generally known and most preferred products are produced and stocked. If

Painted profile

If there is demand, you can choose from previously prepared products. Customers with special color requests are also met with their choices regarding color and profile shape.

Where Are Profiles Used? How Does the Order Process Work for Deha Metal?

During the ordering process, if the customer has a different paint request or an order consisting of special shapes, it would be beneficial to contact them before the requirement. Deha Metal completes the preparation process and delivers the order as soon as possible. Especially those with different shapes

Providing information as long as possible in order to avoid conflicts with different orders for painted profiles is an important warning to avoid inconvenience to customers.

Additionally, profiles can be of very different sizes. Products are supplied by ordering the length or width in cm. For this reason, orders should be determined by the architect or the person in charge of the work, if possible, before the order.

What is Standard Production for Painted Profiles?

The fixed paint color is brick and red. Paints are produced on a water-based basis. Therefore, there is no change in its resistance even in different weather conditions. Since the same color will be used for many years due to the quality of the paints used, the desired special color orders should be selected with long-term consideration. In standard production, production is made in the most commonly used shapes and sizes.

Dimensions do not vary between painted and unpainted profiles. Profile production is not the only thing done in the sector. Many different styles of metal work are done, such as sheet metal and pipe. For this reason, companies or individuals who need both sheet metal, profile and different metal tools save time by meeting all their needs from a single point, Deha Metal. In addition, since there will be no loss of time when using painted profiles, supply is completed in a very short time. Therefore, there is no loss of time and money.

In Which Sectors Are Profiles Used?

Profiles can be used in all areas. While its use is minimal in some sectors, it has a huge usage area in some sectors. Profiles make a significant contribution to all sectors in terms of durability and visuality.

– It is used in the production of legs and arms in the furniture industry.

– It is preferred in the production of the lower parts of vehicles in the automotive field.

– It is an indispensable material for roofs in the construction industry.

– Profiles are used in all areas of the architectural industry.
– It is used in the production of computer parts in the electronics industry and in the production of electrically operated devices.

– It can be used in almost all areas of the decoration industry.

The usage areas of profiles are endless. For this reason, profile production always remains active.

 How to Determine Profile and Painted Profile Prices?

Profile prices are generally average. Profile options produced with different options serve different budgets. Depending on the areas of use, it is possible to use high quality in some sectors and medium quality in some sectors. For example; Since it would not be right to produce the material to be prepared for light materials in shelf production and the shelf to hold heavy products from the same profile material, their costs will also be different. For painted profiles, while the price is different for standard painted profiles, the price varies slightly for painted profiles delivered after being painted with primer for special color orders. Despite all these details, Deha Metal prices are quite reasonable compared to market prices and quality.