Box Profiles

The fact that steel is given different shapes by manufacturers is highly welcomed by the companies that purchase these steel profiles. Because shaping these metal profiles provides financial advantages for the use of these profiles in architectural fields, electronic environments, automotive industry, furniture industry and textile industry. One of the shapes given to steel by manufacturers is the box profile shape. Box -box profiles , which can be used in more than one place , were produced in standard sizes and sizes and offered to customers, and they showed great interest in them.

What is Box Profile?

Box profiles are produced by manufacturers in two shapes: rectangular and square. In addition to the fact that these profiles are given square and rectangular shapes by the manufacturers, they are made of good quality to ensure rust-proof and long-term use. Box profiles produced according to a certain size and dimension create safer working environments. This has increased the satisfaction of companies purchasing box profiles. Box profiles may vary in price depending on the environment in which they will be used. However, this does not mean that box profiles are heavy on the pockets.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing Box-Shaped Profiles?

When you need to buy a box profile, you should first research the company you choose and have the necessary information about that company. In addition, when buying a box profile, it is necessary to make sure that the company is reliable. Because it is very important that the profiles are stainless and can be used for many years. If you are looking for a profile in the desired size or size, companies that produce customer-specific products should be preferred.

What is a Square Box Profile and Where is it Used?

Being among the box-shaped profiles, these profiles are given a square shape and are mostly preferred in the furniture industry, transportation industry, and areas such as poles and columns. By applying the galvanizing process to black profiles, it prevents the profiles from rusting and ensures that they remain durable for many years. Square profile is frequently preferred in shipbuilding, roof construction, transportation manufacturing and machinery manufacturing. Square profiles are produced in accordance with a standard size and size. However, since the company is a customer-oriented box profile , it is also possible for you to produce it in personalized dimensions and dimensions.

What is Deha Rectangular Box Profile and Where is it Used?

Rectangular profiles are a type of box-shaped profiles. Rectangular profiles are similar to square profiles in the areas used. These profiles are among the frequently preferred profile types in areas such as the automotive industry, manufacturing industry and furniture industry. Thanks to the galvanizing process applied to the rectangular profile, it prevents these profiles from rusting and ensures their use for many years. This profile model, designed to be resistant to multiple impacts, will meet everyone’s wishes and needs and there are models suitable for their wishes. However, in order to use this rectangular box profile for many years, it must be suitable for the area you use.

What are the features of Deha Box Shaped Profiles?

These steel bands shaped by the manufacturers have provided a significant advantage for the companies in the square box profile . Some of the features of box-like profiles are as follows;
Box-like profiles are produced in accordance with certain molds and dimensions.
Profiles that have a box appearance are divided into two: square box profiles and rectangular box profiles.
These box profiles are mostly used in trade and industry areas.
Steel bands, which are of normal quality, have been shaped by the manufacturers to make them more durable and of higher quality.
In addition, cold and hot steel bands are used extensively in technological fields.
It is possible to find a profile suitable for your needs with high quality varieties of square and rectangular profile products available from reliable companies.
Personalized box profiles are produced.